Switching Regulator; 24V to 15 AND 12V, 300mA

Hi all!

I literally just want to buy a switching regulator that can take an input 24V and step it down to 15 and 12V which can support 300mA of current. I’m happy to buy two of them, one for each output voltage. I do not need one that does both.

It’s similar to Pololu 15V, 500mA Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V5F15

I just want to order this exact thing and put it to use, but I’d like to find a product stocked by Digi-key (We are not allowed to purchase from Pololu).



Here is a link to some options that we have in both the 12V and 15V outputs.

Using this Power Supplies - Board Mount, DC DC Converters search I found some lower cost choices that may work for you.

In my very quick search these where the only ones price competitive with the Pololu parts. Changing the parameters in the search might find other units although the 24V input requirement limits the low cost options a lot.