T9G Replace T9A Relay? TE Connectivity/Potter & Brumfield

Potter and Brumfield T9G series relay is the next generation of the T9A series relay which is a footprint replacement for most applications, and is recommended for the AMER and EMEA regions to migrate to the T9G series by October 30, 2020. Although the entire T9A series is not being discontinued, below are a few reasons to change to the T9G series per date of this posting:

  • Not currently affected by U.S. tariffs, as these are not manufactured in China.
  • Cadmium-free and EU RoHS compliant (T9A have cadmium and may not be EU RoHS compliant beyond July 2021 as per EU RoHS directive).
  • Maintain current lead times and minimum order quantities, as compared to T9A series.
  • Lower book price.

Please verify datasheets before ordering.

Below are both series for reference:
T9A Series Relay
T9G Series Relay (Next Gen)

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