TE Limit Switch JJG


I am trying to use a limit switch from TE JJ series.

But my application requires the actuator of the switch to get pushed most of the time and will only be released for a short period of time. My questions are:

  1. does this switch support this kind of application?
  2. If yes, will this affect the total life time of the switch?
  3. If no, could you please recommend a switch (same size) that can be used for this application?

Thank you very much.


Hello JerryWang,

Welcome to the community. For a general idea of the test performed on this series of switches, please review the testing information on TE’s spec sheet DDEController (te.com). The switch should work just fine for the application. As for operational life, you would have to do additional testing outside of what TE already has performed in their controlled test.

Hi, Jeff

Thanks for your replies.

I am wondering if you could provide us the data/drawing of the spring used in this switch, so our Mechanical engineer can analyze it based on our application.

Best regards.

Unfortunately, TE cant provide a component datasheet/drawing for the spring.


Hi, Jeff

I see.

Thank you for your support on this, really appreciate it.

Best regards.