Technics SL mk2 ICs replacement

Hi everyone I am new to the forum.

I am a dj a passionate about my technics sl mk2.

Does anyone of you know how I can find a comparative replacement part for Panasonic AN 6675, AN6680, AN6682 and SVITC4011BP?

If it helps I can share the circuit schematics.


Welcome to the Technical Forum. You can share the schematics if you would like. Though these appear to be custom products. No replacements. I would say it will not make any difference on the schematics. We would need the actual data sheets for the products. Sorry. I would say on something like this you would have to go back to Technics to see if they sell replacement.s

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What is it about these components that makes you think they need to be replaced?

Greetings dallanese.seba, I was unable to find datasheets in order to cross reference these for you.
However, for the AN6675, AN6680, and AN6682 this website still has some stock. For the SVITC4011BP, this website is still listing stock.

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you for your explanation