Terminal Block Marker Strips/Label

Looking at item on your website ML101(1-12) from On-Shore Technology
Trying to identify if this is a roll of labels for $10.18 or what package type is?

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I had our stock checked. QTY 1 would be for 1 sheet that contains 25 of each number.

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Thank you for the update Jeff

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Need additional clarity, is it a strip 1-12 or 25pc. of #1, 25pc of #2 etc.?
Any way to get a picture or drawing??

I check ed on this part ML101(1-12)-ND and found, The height of the label is approximately 3.3mm and the height of the numbers is approximately 2.3mm. The labels aren’t perforated vertically, so the width of each will vary.

I do find these options Click Here