Texas Instruments Shelf Life Information

When receiving a part from TI with a limited shelf life, it can be confusing to know how much time you have to use the products. Especially if the product has an older date code.
Thankfully Texas Instruments provides some clarification.

They as a manufacturer split the topic into two sections.

Internal manufacturing shelf life

This refers to the time form the moment of production, to the delivery of product to the customer. TI is very conscious of this time, and maintains strict control to ensure that the customer will receive products well within their shelf life limitations.
This time limit can vary from product to product, but is generally around 5 years, prior to delivery.

Customer shelf life

This is the timeframe after delivery from TI or an authorized distributor, until physical degradation of a product.
The useful customer shelf life will meet or exceed the specified product warranty, which is generally one year from the date of delivery by TI or a TI authorized distributor unless otherwise specified, assuming the product is properly stored.
This means that the date code on the product does not effect the customer shelf life.

Additionally, TI specifies that the condition of a product can is determined by many variables. This means that it is possible for a product to be perfectly usable after the customer shelf life and warranty expires. This decision can only be made by the customer, and only on a case by case basis.

For more detailed information on Texas Instrument’s shelf life policies, see the following link: https://www.ti.com/support-quality/faqs/product-shelf-life-faqs.html

For more information on Texas Instrument’s extended life products, see the following link: