The meaning of marking on the part


Can you please help to tell the maning of “K Z” on the part?


Hello John,

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As per the data sheet on these the top marking is not given by the manufacturer. The actual statement on the TDS states “Top mark not available at this time. To obtain advance information regarding the top mark, please contact your local sales representative.”

The meaning behind part markings aren’t always available as it isn’t with this part, and sometimes it is nothing more than the manufactures internal coding for some proprietary information. If you would like we can try to reach out to them for the meaning behind this marking but it may take some time to obtain a response.

Thank you for your infomation.
Or can you please help to confirm : part mark I showed is exactly the part PI4ULS3V302XVEX, right?

There is no easy way to confirm based on the part marking as vague as KZ on a chip what its part number actually is without going to the manufacturer of suspected part number.

I can check what we have in stock as of now and compare the part markings on those for the part PI4ULS3V302XVEX. I will need your customer number or the sales order number you bought these on from us to proceed with that check. This should take less time than contacting the Diodes Incorporated. Unfortunately I cannot proceed to check marking of the stock we have on this part without the customer number at least.


please check below :

customer # *********
Salesorder # **********
PO # *************

Thank you. I am awaiting response from our warehouse personnel to see if there is either KZ or RZ mark on this part for all quantity we have in stock. I’ll reply here as soon as I have some feedback.

Hi again John,

I have received a reply from our warehouse personnel and they are reporting that a lot of the stock of PI4ULS3V302XVEX that we have is part marking KZ.

Hope that helps. Have a great day.

ok, this is very helpful! thanks very much!