Thermistors and Upward of 90c


I found a perfect part for my 3D Printer but…

  1. It is rated at about upwards of 70c.
  2. I Print hotter w/ beads but want to move on b/c of my requirements.

Here is the site for the upgrade from bead to leaf probe: CTTS-203856-S02 Amphenol Thermometrics | Sensors, Transducers | DigiKey

I am going to purchase two of these items, i.e. one to test and one for use. I will read the datasheet in the meantime.

Does your company handle leaf thermistors like this idea that can handle 90c for heated beds?


P.S. Thank you for any tolerances.

Hello Seth,

Welcome to the Digi-Key tech forum,

I found 615-1126-ND that seems similar to that at 90c.

There are others similar to that that are upwards of 90c in the link below. Probe type.
Temperature Sensors - NTC Thermistors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Hope that helps.


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Hello @Irfan_Koric ,

Thank you. I purchased the other type I listed b/c I could not find other temp. sensors of the same build.


P.S. I will look into the LittelFuse 615-1126-ND like you have listed from above. Anyway, thank you for your research where my searching failed.