Through-hole Resistors search doesn't show "value" column

As of today, searching for a through-hole resistor on the site doesn’t show a selection column for the value. Given the huge number of possible resistance values, that makes it effectively impossible to select parts.
I tried using a different browser, but it still didn’t show a value column.
SMT resistors have the value selection column.
I tried clearing my cookies and logging back in; no change (no joy).

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Yes. I am going to apologize . Some of the filters have disappeared. They are aware of the issue and they are trying to fix it. The catagories I have worked in have not had any issues today. Though Resisistors is a big one. I just thought I would try it. No. The values are not showing. I know we got an e-mail stating this is happening. I do know we are working on it. I really do apologize about the inconvenience. Hopefully it will get back to normal soon. I do not have a time line. I am sure it should be sometime later tonight. Though I am not sure. I do again apologize.

Thanks for the response – I was terrified you had decided for some reason to do away with them… [whew]. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I am glad we had the notification. I have had no issues. No. That one would be bad to get rid of. Have a great evening!

Same to you, thanks again!