Toroidal Power Transformer

Hi, I’m trying to find a replacement for this transformer. Does DigiKey have one? I searched and can’t find one with the same specs.

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Hello north_star,

That is a difficult part to source. It appears to be custom wound transformer with considerable power.

It is certainly possible to find discrete transformers to at least partially restore your project. For example, two Triad F-271U transformers could provide the 40-0-40 voltage with the limitation that the device be operated from 120 VAC mains. The 15-0-15 voltage could be provided by a Hammond 166F30 - again with the 120 VAC stipulation.

Unfortunately, the form factor is very different and there may be magnetic interference between the transformer and your projects’ circuitry.


  1. You could rewind the transformer yourself. It’s a steep learning curve but it could be done.

  2. Commision a custom winding. The cost would be high, but perhaps not as high as winding it yourself when we consider your time as money.

  3. Purchase a similar unit and salvage the transformer.

Sorry I am unable to offer better alternatives.

Best Wishes,


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Hi, thanks for the information. This is a powered P/A speaker, so I’m not sure how another transformer would work in this case for interference.
Thank you

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