Toshiba T8745F = T8745BF = Chinon T8745F2?

Anyone know a cross-reference for this part?
It is a QFP 80 pin IC.
There is also a Chinon number that was in the floppy drive I am repairing:
T8745F2 date code 9242KY
I am repairing a Toshiba ND-0801AG
5.25 floppy drive made in 1992.
Serial number 0801LZGI119B2Z
3rd party sites claim to have data sheets but don’t. Toshiba doesn’t keep data sheets on obsolete products. If you want to sell something keep your customers happy I say.


we are working on your request and will get back with a reply as soon as we can.

Thank you


Thank you… This is of great concern to me.