TPS2013ADR for AUIPS71451GTR & R5F21348UDFP#X0 as big brother vs R5F21236DFP#U0

yes we can provide these two alternatives for the below parts:

AUIPS71451GTR / INFINEON = 400 Pieces our needs

TPS2013ADR as IC PWR SWITCH N-CHAN 1:1 8SOIC from Texas Instruments

R5F21236DFP#U0 / R5F21236JFP#U1 / R5F21236KFP#U1 = RENESAS / 363 pcs

R5F21348UDFP#X0 as IC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH vs the requested 32KB (32K x 8) FLASH in the same 48LFQFP

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