TPS65 overlay

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Where can I get a mylar overlay? The Data Sheet talks about it, but one didn’t come with my touchpad. I’ve scoured the internet, but I can’t find one.

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The Mylar overlay is available for sale with the module pre installed with a B suffix in the part number, where the A in your current part number specifies without Mylar overlay.

This isn’t something DigiKey currently carries in our system, it would be a special order. Please feel free to reach out to our Applications Engineering team if you need to put this on order.

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Looking on the part number breakdown on the Datasheet, the A would be for No overlay, Adhesive only. The A would have to be changed to a B, which calls out 0.2mm Black Mylar overlay option. We do not carry that option.
There is also a Note: For non-standard versions please contact Azoteq direct.

You should contact the manufacture, and see if that option is available, or maybe they can tell you who would carry it with that option.