Triad Magnetics Transformers "B" Suffix


When you are looking at Transformers from Triad Magnetics the “B” suffix is calling out a package quantity from the factory and not a feature on the part.

For example if you are looking at part CST306-1A and comparing to part CST306-1A-B the parts are the same part. On the “B” as you will have a minimum order quantity of 720 units.

The same would be true when looking at Audio Transformer part numbers TY-401P and TY-401P-B. These are the same parts, however the “B” will have a different package quantity, In this case the Minimum order quantity would be 1,200 units.

There are also certain parts in our inventory as well such as the F10-110-C2-B that we sell a large enough quantity that we stock the larger order part and sell individually and the standard part F10-110-C2 has the 10 piece minimum order. Again these two parts are the same part just different packaged quantity from the factory.

Current Sense Transformer Part Numbers

CSE187L-P-B CST306-1A-B CST306-1T-B CST306-2T-B CST306-3A-B CST306-3T-B CST206-1A-B CST206-1T-B CST206-2A-B CST206-2T-B CST206-3A-B CST206-3T-B CST-1005-B CST-1010-B CST-1015-B CST-1020-B CST-1025-B CST-1030-B

Audio Transformer Part Numbers

TY-401P-B TY-301P-B TY-311P-B TY-303P-B TY-400P-B TY-403P-B TY-141P-B TY-142P-B TY-145P-B TY-144P-B TY-304P-B TY-307P-B TY-300P-B TY-302P-B TY-146P-B SP-20-B SP-21-B SP-22-B SP-29-B SP-68-B SP-42-B SP-33-B SP-48-B SP-128-B SP-52-B SP-49-B SP-50-B SP-69-B TY-306P-B TY-305P-B SP-13-B

[details=Power Transformer Part Numbers] F10-110-C2-B FS12-090-C2-B FS24-100-C2-B FS20-120-C2-B F24-250-C2-B FS24-500-C2-B F12-090-C2-B FS20-055-C2-B FS10-110-C2-B F12-200-C2-B F16-150-C2-B F28-085-C2-B F24-100-C2-B FS12-200-C2-B FS16-150-C2-B FS28-085-C2-B FS12-500-C2-B FS24-250-C2-B TCT40-01E07AB TCT50-08E07AB F16-070-C2-B F28-040-C2-B F20-055-C2-B FS16-070-C2-B FS28-040-C2-B FS10-250-C2-B F28-200-C2-B FS48-125-C2-B FS28-200-C2-B FS16-400-C2-B FS56-110-C2-B FS10-600-C2-B F56-220-C2-B F20-600-C2-B FS20-600-C2-B FS24-800-C2-B FS12-1600-C2-B TCT40-05E07AB FS28-1300-C2-B TCT50-06E07AB TCT50-05E07AB F28-420-C2-B FS28-420-C2-B FS20-1800-C2-B FS16-1250-C2-B FS12-1000-C2-B FS36-350-C2-B F24-800-C2-B FS48-400-C2-B F20-1800-C2-B F24-045-C2-B FS24-045-C2-B F12-1000-C2-B F48-250-C2-B F16-2250-C2-B TCT40-06E07AB FS48-750-C2-B TCT50-09E07AB FS20-300-C2-B F10-1200-C2-B F16-800-C2-B FS36-1000-C2-B F10-250-C2-B FS48-050-C2-B F12-500-C2-B F36-350-C2-B F24-500-C2-B FS20-1000-C2-B F28-1300-C2-B F36-1000-C2-B TCT40-02E07AB TCT40-09E07AB TCT50-01E07AB F36-030-C2-B F56-020-C2-B F48-023-C2-B F20-120-C2-B F36-065-C2-B F56-045-C2-B FS56-020-C2-B FS36-030-C2-B FS48-023-C2-B F48-050-C2-B FS36-065-C2-B FS56-045-C2-B F10-600-C2-B F16-400-C2-B F48-125-C2-B F56-110-C2-B F3-10-B FS36-170-C2-B VPP24-210-B VPP10-500-B VPP12-400-B VPP28-180-B F20-300-C2-B VPP28-090-B VPP10-250-B VPP12-200-B FS12-090-B FS10-250-B FS28-85-B FS36-65-B VPP10-1000-B VPP12-800-B VPP16-620-B VPP20-500-B VPP28-360-B TCT3-11E07AE-B FP24-100-B FP30-85-B FP20-125-B FS48-250-C2-B FS56-220-C2-B FS10-1200-C2-B VPP36-280-B FP10-250-B FP16-150-B FP34-75-B FP56-45-B F10-2000-C2-B F12-1600-C2-B F16-1250-C2-B F20-1000-C2-B F56-350-C2-B F36-170-C2-B FP10-600-B FP34-170-B FP56-100-B FP16-375-B FP20-300-B FP24-250-B FP30-200-B FD5-120-B F28-700-C2-B F36-550-C2-B F48-400-C2-B VPP28-720-B VPP10-2000-B VPP16-1250-B VPP20-1000-B FS10-2000-C2-B FS28-700-C2-B FS36-550-C2-B FS56-350-C2-B F10-3600-C2-B F12-2850-C2-B F24-1500-C2-B F48-750-C2-B F56-650-C2-B FP10-1200-B FP16-750-B FP34-340-B FP56-200-B FP12-950-B FP20-600-B FP24-500-B FP30-400-B VPP16-1900-B VPP20-1500-B VPP24-1250-B VPS12-2000-B VPS16-1600-B VPS24-1000-B VPS36-700-B FS16-800-C2-B VPP24-420-B FP12-200-B VPP10-3000-B VPP12-2400-B VPP28-1060-B VPP36-820-B TCT40-02E07AB-B FS12-1000-B FS10-3600-C2-B FS12-2850-C2-B FS16-2250-C2-B FS24-1500-C2-B FS56-650-C2-B TCT40-07E07AB TCT40-02E07K-B TCT40-05E07K-B TCT40-06E07K-B TCT40-09E07K-B TCT40-01E07K-B F7-24-B VPS10-2500-B VPS20-1250-B VPS230-110-B VPS28-900-B VPS20-2200-B VPS24-1800-B TCT50-01E07K-B TCT50-02E07K-B TCT50-05E07K-B TCT50-06E07K-B VPP20-2800-B VPP24-2330-B VPP36-1560-B VPP10-5600-B VPP12-4400-B TCT40-01E07AB-B TCT40-05E07AB-B TCT40-06E07AB-B TCT40-09E07AB-B TCT40-03E07AB TCT40-04E07AB TCT40-08E07AB TCT40-10E07AB TCT50-07E07AB TCT50-02E07AB TCT50-03E07AB TCT50-10E07AB TCT50-04E07AB TCT50-01E07AB-B TCT50-02E07AB-B TCT50-05E07AB-B TCT50-06E07AB-B TCT50-09E07AB-B VPS10-4300-B VPS12-3400-B VPS16-2700-B VPS230-190-B VPS28-1500-B VPS36-1200-B VPS24-3300-B VPS10-8000-B VPS12-6300-B VPS16-5000-B VPS20-4000-B VPS230-350-B VPS36-2200-B VPS20-6500-B VPS28-4600-B VPS10-13000-B VPS12-10300-B VPS16-8100-B VPS24-5400-B VPS36-3600-B VPS10-17500-B VPS12-14000-B VPS16-11000-B VPS20-8800-B VPS230-760-B VPS24-7300-B VPS28-6250-B VPS36-4800-B VPT230-1090-B