Tripp Lite USB C to HDMI Converter

I recently purchased a Tripp Lite Part # U444-06N-2H-MST for work from home purposes. This adapter plugs into the USB C port on my laptop and has two HDMI outputs for working on two monitors. I am using an HP Pavilion x360 and having a heck of a time getting this adapter to work for me. I’m constantly getting error messages stating “USB device not recognized” and “Display connection might be limited”.

Are there any tips or tricks that I can try for this to work? Any help is appreciated.


I use a USB C display port to run two monitors as well. One of the problems I have run into, is that for whatever reason the resolution of my screens is set too high and I think it actually overwhelms the data rate capable. The other issue I have run into is dust! The USB C port had a light coating of dust in it, and it completely threw off the connection. I used some canned air on it and it cured that problem.

Hope this help or at least gives you some ideas.

Reid L.