TT ESD Cut-Resistant Gloves

Questions about Transforming Technologies ESD, Cut-Resistant Gloves

Do you sell Transforming Technologies ESD, Cut-Resistant, Tipped Finger gloves in sizes XXS and XXXL?

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Yes, we do carry some of the StaticCare GL2500 gloves.
Click here for the options we carry.
Ordering a quantity of 1, will be a pack of 12 pairs of gloves.
We have XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge.

Thank you.
I’m asking specifically about sizes XXS and XXXL. I’ve already ordered a supply of the sizes you listed, from DigiKey. I’m trying to find a source for the two remaining sizes we need.

The manufacturer’s product page does not indicate availability outside the six nominal sizes listed. Since sales potential is (by definition) limited at extremes of size, it may be necessary to pursue a custom-made solution for those cases.

I’ve also followed-up with Transforming Technologies. They do make the size we want, but not with the tipped fingers. Feedback from Techs is that without the tipped fingers, the gloves are slippery, and it takes more grip effort to securely hold material. Which is bad, ergonomically.