Ultra‐Low‐Noise Seismic Accelerometers

Hi All , I’m looking for a Ultra‐Low‐Noise Seismic Accelerometers for Earthquake Prediction and Monitoring. Looking for characterize P, S and L waves as well if possible

The noise levels for the dynamic range should be very high (130dB or higher) SNR

Thanks for your recommendations !

@ vicvicvar


The only products that I found specifically related to seismic reading of that type were D7S-A0001 which is a vibration/acceleration module, and MIKROE-2561 which is a Click-Board designed around that module.

According to the D7S datasheet, it does have algorithms for analysis, but the output may not be raw data for any type of wave. Instead, I see a “spectral intensity” (SI) output which is described as equivalent to the “magnitude of the destructive energy imposed by seismic motion on structures.” The closest scale correlation is the “seismic intensity” method used in Japan.

Here is the guide for the Earthquake Click development board.

Thanks @Bill_Gust ! I agree with you that we couldn’t found any other device directly related to seismic activity .