Unavailability of .lib file for SST112 SOT-23 3L ROHS

Greetings,I am trying to simulate a circuit in Pspice comprising of the JFET (SST112 SOT-23 3L ROHS),unfortunately it’s schematic nor it’s .lib file is available.Can someone kindly guide from where can I obtain these files.

Hello @artyom3132000 and welcome to the forum! Not quite what you’re looking for I’m afraid but they have a schematic/pinout in the datasheet (linked here). As for .lib files or spice models it seems that Linear typically has them available for download on their website, however I noticed that this particular JFET requires direct contact with the manufacturer for requests regarding these files.

Yes, upon visiting the link provided by you it does say we have to directly contact the Linear Technology factory for the spice model. Is there a way in which we can make a custom .lib file and schematic for a specific JFET.