Using the UKCA certification marking

UKCA certification mark (UK Conformity Assessed)

What is it?

Not unlike the markings UL / CE / CSA etc., this marking is placed on finished goods to acknowledge that requirements set forth by Great Britain have been met for this region.

Black stroke UKCA black fill

In addition to the UKCA marking that covers Great Britian (England,Wales, and Scottland), There is a unique marking that will need to be used under certain circumstances in Northern Ireland.


Historically these products would have to carry the CE marking, which is the European conformity marking, however, this has changed since the passing of Brexit.

When does this apply?

While these markings will be required starting January 1st 2023, the CE mark can still be placed upon products manufactured for the rest of 2022.

How do I find out more?

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

CSA Group (Canadian)

European Commision

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