Verifying authenticity of 3M adhesive

I bought a roll of 3M VHB 4905 (Digikey part number 3M10161-ND), and I noticed that the 3M VHB logo on the tape liner doesn’t seem to match the logo on 3M or Digikey’s product images.

Images from official sources show a logo that looks like: . The logo on the tape I received looks like (that’s not my tape, just the logo font and style match).

I’ve been burned before with counterfeit 3M products with terrible adhesion, so I’d like to confirm: does Digikey receive 3M products directly from 3M for distribution, and no other sources? Was there a recent branding change that explains the mismatch?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @DA42

Digi-Key only receives products directly from the supplier listed on the item’s product page. So in this case we would only get this tape directly from 3M.


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