VersaSense MicroPnP Development/Starter Kit


VersaSense created an IoT platform that uses a wireless manager, two wireless devices, four plug and play peripherals and a programming peripheral. It uses SmartMesh IP from Linear Technology to provide a self-healing mesh network that delivers 99.999% reliability.

The Wireless Manager manages up to 100 wireless devices, provides a web interface and open APIs over Ethernet and WiFi.

The Wireless Device forms a reliable, low power mesh network. Each device supports 3 plug-and-play peripherals. Each wireless device acts as a repeater or router with an approximate indoor range of 50 meters. This allows a single mesh network to cover a lot of ground.

The plug and play peripherals that come with the kit are light, temperature and humidity, passive infrared, and a buzzer actuator. You also can get more sensors and actuators that are separate from the kit.

The programming Peripheral is for commissioning and updating nodes.

Development Kit
Digi-Key part number 1737-1000-ND (MICROPNP STARTER/DEV KIT)
VersaSense part number K01

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If you want some more knowledge of this product please see the EEWiki page. You can also get more information by clicking on the Development Kit link above and looking through the documentation tab. If you have any questions on this product please feel free to ask them here.

We also have a video on the kit: