Version of ESP32-S3 devkit board

Dear Sir/Madam,
I just ordered a bunch of ESP32-S3 N8R2 devkitC-1 development board (today, 2024-04-08) I would like to know if the part I will receive are actually v1.0 or v1.1. Both are OK with me, but since there is a slight difference in pin adjustment, I would need this information for finalizing the mating PCB. If possible, would rather avoid waiting for the parcel to arrive to launch my PCB…

Full Digikey part# is 1965-ESP32-S3-DEVKITC-1-N8R2-ND.

Thanks by advance.


Hello @david.delecolle

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DigiKey is unable to provide part specific details of stock prior to shipment. If there are any special requirements for your order, please include them into the order notes and DigiKey will attempt to accommodate.

I did check the manufacturer’s website and the board revision will be printed on the bottom.

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