Voltage vs Irradiance Graph for KXOB25-02X8F-TR Sensor

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The current datasheet linked to this specific product has the incorrect Voltage vs Irradiance graph shown. The open circuit voltage only reaches 0.7 Volts on the graph when the actual open circuit Voltage can reach up to 5 Volts. Where can I find the proper graph that correlates to my specific model of solar cell, the KXOB25-02X8F-TR?

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The datasheet for the KXOB25-02X8F-TR could have been a little clearer about how they are specifying this, but the 0.7V you mention in the graph is referring to a single sub-cell within the device. There are actually 8 such sub-cells connected in series within the device. Multiply by 8 to get the values for the entire device.

The image on page 3 of the datasheet shows the internal structure.

Hi joepoehlmann

A request was sent to the product specialist. Below is what we received.
‘I will verify with the supplier if the graph is correct.’

When we receive more information, we will post it here.


We have received a reply from the product specialist on this. The reply is below:
"The graph has shown the open circuit voltage per unit cell.
We revised the data sheet.
Please find the attached file."

KXOB25-02X8F DATA SHEET 202007.pdf (367.2 KB)