Washable information inquiry Maxim MPN: DS1232LPS-2+

Please help to check & provide part washable information for below part.
Is the part washable (Can part able to go through wash process – DI water) : Yes/No

JPN: 630-316319-001
MPN: DS1232LPS-2+

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I searched for the information but wasn’t able to find it. I put in a request for the information and will post as soon as I get it.

This part should not be washed. Doing so could damage this part. This information was provided by the manufacturer.

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Since 99+% of plastic DIP/SOIC packaged IC’s are washable with standard electronics cleaning processes, if this part is not washable that information needs to be on the data sheet in a very large bold font. (like in many sensor data sheets)

Without it on the data sheet they will loose the lawsuit when somebody does normal processing and destroys a whole lot of products.