What component to open/close 12v DC circuit?

I want to open/close a 12v DC 500mA (max) circuit to power a water control valve that takes 12v DC. I want to control the open/close of this circuit from an Arduino micro-controller. Trying to identify the best component to accomplish this. Can anyone point me to the correct solution?

A small solid-state relay such as the TLP3542F-ND might be a decent option. Insofar as the sort of load mentioned tends to be rather inductive, a TVS diode such as P4KE33CAA0GTB-ND placed across the output to guard the relay against turn-off transients would be a very good idea.

There are of course, literally dozens of different approaches that could be taken toward the desired end, each with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The SSR approach suggested offers isolation between the power domains of the controlling device and the load, which reduces the chances of things going amok due to ill-advised power supply connections.


sdamer59, please see 1597-1323-ND, click here. This easy-to-use, logic voltage level input relay control board is able to be connected directly to a logic output such as Arduino. This will not provide any negative kickback from your solenoid/control valve back to your Arduino and the relay type output will be able to handle your 12vdc 500mA in flying colors. We also have multiple relay iterations of these for controlling more than just one output. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Rick & Ryan, Thanks so much for the guidance. I’ll take a look at the recommendations. Very much appreciated. Sandy

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