What does the suffix 60 mean in TI device AM3703CBPD60?

Hi, I find device AM3703CBPD60 in digikey. Link as following:

May I know what does the suffix “60” mean in device AM3703CBPD60? I can’t find such info in the datasheet as it only explains the meaning of ‘blank’ and of ‘100’ suffix (I attach the screenshot for Device Nomenclature of the datasheet).

Also, I find NO information about AM3703CBPD60 in TI’s official website.

Can AM3703CBPD60 and AM3703CBP be used interchangeably? Is there any difference between these two?

Thank you for your inquiry.

I also am not seeing any information on this suffix.

I’ve put in a request with our Product Management team for further information, we’ll get back as soon as we have anything.

Actually, I have the same question.
Do you have any news regarding this topic?