What is the best way to tighten 22 mm industrial control panel indicators and switches?

Industrial control and automation components are built for speed of assembly and repair. This design philosophy is critical for restoration of broken machinery. Recall that equipment down time is incredibly expensive, measured in hundreds of dollars per minute for a small facility upwards to thousands of dollars for a large factory.

Use a purpose-built installation tool

The 22 mm panel mount devices such as the Schneider pushbutton and indicator as shown in Figure 1 may appear to contradict this philosophy as the green installation nut is inconvenient. However, with the correct tool the installation is fast and trivial.

Figure 1: Picture of the Schneider Electric ZB5AZ905 tightening tools along with several Harmony XB5 22 mm panel mount devices. The wrench makes it easy to tighten the green installation nuts.

Figure 2: Close up image of the three components of the normally closed Schneider Harmony XB5AA42 pushbutton and the ZB5AZ905 installation tool (sold separately).

Tech Tip: Industrial control and automation components are often grouped into families. The Schneider Electric Harmony HB5 is a representative family with nearly 2000 individual related products. Be sure to look for similar installation tools for your favorite series of switches and indicators.

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