Why is following part FSV2050V in Not recommended for new design

Dear Team,
The following part FSV2050V is under Not recommended for new design in digikey, but official website doesn’t say so. Can add this part in new design?


Hello kaushal.chandrasheka, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum,

Unfortunately, we do not have life cycle information on the parts we sell. We are notified when a part is going obsolete and our website reflects the status information we receive from the manufacturer.
Contacting the manufacturer directly is the best way to locate life cycle information beyond what is displayed on our site. If the manufacture is saying this is an Active part, and should not be listed as NRFD, then you should be able to use it. To insure the Life Cycle, it is best to verify it with the manufacturer.

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Hi kaushal.chandrasheka,

I just verified with our product manager for the Onsemi line that the FSV2050V is an Active status part. There was an error on our website indicating NRND status which will be corrected.

So, you can go ahead and design that part in with confidence.


Thanks @David_1528
Just in case, for possible future reference, below is a list of possible alternates:
Click here for a broad list of similar parts you may want to consider using instead.
Click here for a list if you need a reverse leakage current of 320uA or less.
Click here for 3757-SVT2060LB_R2_00001CT-ND for the best match with less Reverse Leakage Current and similar or same Forward Voltage of the original.

*As there may be some differences, please review datasheets thoroughly before ordering to make sure they will work for your exact application.