Why to use Accessory / Disposable Authentication from Microchip?

Why to use Accessory / Disposable Authentication from Microchip ?

image check Microchip University’s training course

Securely Connecting to AWS IoT Core With The ATECC608B (microchip.com)



Target Applications: Automotive

  • EV battery authentication
  • Qi wireless charging
  • eBike battery swapping
  • Card authentication

Trust Platform availability


Host MCU/MPU/Cloud requirements

  • Best paired with a host capable of efficiently running ECDSA verify and basic certificate parsing

Commands overview

  • GenKey, getPubKey
  • Counter
  • Lock: slots individually lockable against overwrite
  • SHA
  • Sign
  • Read – slot 0 is never readable
  • Write

Extensive Security Measures

  • Active Shield to protect against invasive attacks
  • Internal Memory Encryption and Scrambling
  • Low and High supply voltage Tampers
  • Low and High temperature Tampers

Now I know why my eBike battery swapping is not possible – it’s because of the TA010-VAO even in an actual Chinese/Austrian version from FISCHER as ecosystem control solution !?!


TA010 mikroBUS™ Click™ Platform Evaluation Expansion Board –> https://www.microchip.com/en-us/development-tool/EV74C12A

See the complete CryptoAutomotive™ Series for further references