WiFi capable DC board

I need to integrate 4 12VDC motors to a motor controller with WiFi capability.

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Per one of our engineers:
Variable or fixed speed?
Current rating for the motor?
Here is a new product that may be of use.

This could provide the desired capability when combined with a device such as this:

Please let us know if you require a system with higher current.

I’d like to add, the Sabertooth (brushed) motor driver boards are really nice as well and allow easy programming (dip switches) for channel mixing along with other noteworthy features, however, these boards are only dual channel so you’d have to purchase two of them if you need 4 separate channels (unless two pairs, or all motors are performing the same task).

Click here for 12A Version DRI0003-ND and 25A Version DRI0004-ND. The Datasheets are listed on each product page and are able to explain their in-depth features.