Wiha 75965...How i claim defect product buy from digikey?

I buy Wiha and other product other brand from digikey(First time). and Wiha’s product is defect like attachment picture. 5.5mm nut drivers is distorted. I try to contact to digikey web but nothing response. I try email to digikey thailand is same. and i cannot call to 1800-013-021. In my control panel of digikey doesnot have issue status. How can i do!!!

431-1407-ND Wiha 75965 BIT/SCKT SET ASSORTD W/CASE 65PC
Order No. 82411084
Invoice # 98897876

Hello @vmam99

I did reach out to our customer service department with the information you provided and someone should be reaching out to you via email shortly.

Thank You

Thank you in advance. Hope shortly for response.

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