Wrong product sent? How long to hear from support?

I ordered a Terasic DE-10 Nano and got a USB hub sent to me instead? Packaging weight 0.09kg wwhen DE-10 is more like 400-500g alone. Kind of worried as i’m a UK buyer and i havent heard anything in 2 days despite requesting a return and explaining?

Anyone have any similar experience and/or advice? Howw long does this normally take?



Picking errors do occur from time to time, and usually get sorted out fairly promptly. Please check your junk/spam folder closely for any communications that might have been missed. Failing that, if the request is pending manual review, another day or two may be required depending on queue levels. Insofar as this forum is for technical support rather than customer service matters, we’ll not have a great deal of insight to offer on the latter.