I recently purchased an xstick and it was defective, so I now have to order another one. I was sent an email saying that the xstick usb XUZ11 is obsolete. I was given some possible substitutions, one being XU3-A11. Before I order XU3-A11 can I find out if this will possibly work the same as the xstick that is obsolete?

Hi @drbess,

The XU-Z11’s are obsolete as one of the components on the XBee S2C is not replaceable. Thus the whole S2C line is going EOL.

Digi’s plan is to migrate all users to newer XU3-A11 which is based on the XBee3 design.

There is nothing wrong with the XU-Z11’s if that’s what your application needs, just once they are gone there will be no replacement stock.