2407 Adafruit external driver board "alternate option"

The Adafruit 2407 display has an HDMI interface. If you need a similar display with an external driver board, there is the 2354 display with parallel interface that can be paired with the 2219 HDMI decoder board or use the 2453 hat-like board for “parallel interface” to plug into a raspberry pi.

TFT Display 7" with resistive display overlay with HDMI interface. 1528-1813-ND





Alternate option

TFT Display 7” with resistive display overlay. 528-1870-ND



Driver Board with HDMI 1528-1452-ND



Raspberry PI Kippah 1528-1450-ND



Extension Cable 1528-2243-ND




Image Source-

Adafruit DPI Display Kippah w/touch