2x IC's that I cannot find

I am having trouble finding 2 different IC’s.

#1) Part is marked with “AABV 1014 NNBD” . It is in a tube that is marked Dallas Maxim QFN 4x4. There is a thermal plane on the bottom with 12 pins, 3 on each side. It looks identical to this:

#2) Part is marked with “2206d f1006” . It looks to be a TSSOP-16 package

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well Maxim used to have a top mark code way to decipher the part marks. It is no longer ther. I tried and was no able to find anything with the part markings you have. Could the second part be this? XR2206DTR-F. We just do not have the part for the TSSOP in our system . They are also obsolete. https://www.digikey.com/short/0ntnmjmh

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Yes!! #2 was correct. Thank you for identifying that one

Here are pictures of the #1 chip under my microscope


The #1 chip is most likely MAX1932, an APD bias supply.


heke, AsamaLab


Thank you for the information. That answers both chips. Thank you both for your help