Help identify part by marking code

Hi, I need help identifying a 16QFN audio amp with the markings AIN & BAW.

I’m sorry, I found no AUDIO AMP in a 16QFN package with a top marking of AIN & BAW.

Hi Rhonda,

I don’t know if this helps, but it appears to be a TI chip, BAW is either a date code or facility marking and I believe it takes digital in and translates it to analog and drives a speaker directly.

Could you please provide a photo of the part with the markings?



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Will do, thank you.

TI has a part marking lookup tool on their site here → Packaging Part Marking Lookup | Texas Instruments ( I have checked their site and was unable to locate that marking in a 16-QFN package size. Im not sure if TI is the supplier for this part. It might be best if you post this image on their TI E2E support forums page since their lookup tool doesn’t show that part.


Hi Trish,

According to top marking and PCB layout, his chip could be Maxim’s 3.3W amp MAX98307.

I hope this helps.
heke, AsamaLab


Fantastic! Thank you so much! How did you find it? I looked at every SMD list I could find.


Checking Maxim’s top mark search Topmark Search | Maxim Integrated @heke would be correct. Click MAX98307ETE+ for availability.


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Already did. Digikey stocks them. Placing an order. Thanks.

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Hi All,

The trick was the one Jeff showed above.
A side note; Maxim used to have a little inconvenient habit to hide the package related information behind hyperlinks on datasheets. Now getting a lot of 404 errors. Hoping that AD will change the culture.

Cheers, heke

You can download the manual of marking code from here marking code, There are also 2 good websites here that can also check the manual

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A similar problem. Device is a 2-phase stepper controller-driver in a Furuno marine radar scanner motor.

Hello , SBKenn Thank you for contacting us, which part are you looking at to identify,

Can you help me identify this part?
Pin is connected to GND and Pin 2 connected to Vcc of another IC.
Part marking is tc5


Welcome Arunkrishnank

Marking from the photo LC5 looks to match part number PDWL050019. A TVS diode array package SOT-23-6. We did not carry this part number however I may search for a cross.

Please consider cross reference:
Part Number SZNSP4201MR6T1G

Thank you,

I would like some help identifying a part by its markings.
The part is a TSSOP-8
The Marking on the part reads exactly as follows:
I have searched everywhere I can to identify this part.
Any help would be appreciated.

I’m coming up with nothing with that package type. Do you have an image or two you could post to help?