Need help on identifying parts

Morning All,

I often find it difficult to find part numbers or datasheets for parts such as the ones in the pictures attached.

Any advice or helpful links?

Do I search for 1B K, or 1BK or just 1B
Do I search for A4 S 9D, or A4S9D, or A4S, or A4

Anyway I hope that gives an idea of what I am talking about.


Hello Byron,

I see you have quite the puzzle there. Unfortunetly those markings really don;t mean anything as they are mostly the location of mfgr and machine # it was made on usually. Most of those types of parts were bought and labeled like this or these are the mfgr markings but either way there is no way to tell what the part they are.

Some companies do not want their items fixed so they make it hard to replace parts unless you know what the mfgr is labeling these as. They make it difficult.

The only matching is by package case but in no way would that help determine the function of the IC’s.

Thank you for the request and hopefully next time we will be able to assist you.

Ryan Unress

Hi Ryan,

I was afraid of that…