3 x lead wire 24AWG DC Fan Orion OD1225 Series

Hi Team,

I’m looking for 3 x lead wire 24 AWG DC Fan under Orion OD1225 series. Do you have any recommendation on this? Please provide the MPN.

Actually, I did found one item on OD1225 series which is MPN: OD1225-24HBIP68. But, it has 2 lead wire only.

Erik09, you did not mention the voltage or the sensor you need. We do have OD1225-12HB02A which is 12V and the 3rd wire is for a locked rotor sensor. We also have OD1225-12HB01A which is 12V and has a speed sensor (tach) for the 3rd wire. If you need the 24V like the OD1225-24HBIP68 fan, then we do not have one in this same series.
If you can use one from a different manufacturer, Click here for some options, but you will need to know what type of sensor your original fan has, to find the best match.

Also, it’s not sufficient to describe a DC fan as “3 wire” as the third could have one of at least 3 different functions. See this post for further info.