Looking for a ARX FW1275-A1053C 12V 0.55A 3Wire Fan

am using an encoder sever Kyrion CM5000, in the machine, a cooling fan was not working this is the model number of the fan (ARX FW1275-A1053C 12V 0.55A 3Wire)

Hello, and welcome to the forum nayyar.mta!

Looking at this we can compare some items in our catalog based on the basic specs, and find that there are a few viable options that may make suitable replacements. Here are the best options I could find:


These are going to have slightly lower power draw than the original, but in terms of performance specs and voltage rating they should be compatible with the original.

The main issue I should note here is that I was unable to identify the function of the third wire on your ARX fan, so I had to make an educated guess and assume that it was something like a tach sensor for auto-restart/locked rotor protection. It’s also worth noting that this fan (along with pretty much all of our options) will have free hanging wires rather than a pre-crimped connector.