Hi everyone! please advice the replacement for R2E250-AW50-13 impeller, can’t find it.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. We don’t list part R2E250-AW50-13 as it may be a custom fan since information on it is scarce. We have part R2E250-AW50-05 in our system with the -05 suffix instead of the -13. This appears to be a callout for “Mechanical Variant” which no code is given for what that may be. A request has been sent to verify what -13 is in reference to and will be posted when we get the information.

Hi, I have an operating instruction downloaded from internet
R2E250AW5013-BA-ENU.pdf (532,8 КБ)
13-code has Hall IC Raychem cable 3X AWG24, connector housing Molex no. 70107-0037 with 3x plug pin Molex no. 16-02-0078 crimped
05-code doesn’t have that sensor

Thanks for sharing the information. You’re correct, the -05 version does not have the hall IC cable with the Molex connector and with that difference we don’t have an alternate to offer.