Matching connector for Molex 4-PIN PWM 0470531000

I am looking for the matching connector for Molex 4-PIN PWM 0470531000. The same connector on the end of a PWM 120mm PC fan.


Molex has a few officially recommended mating products that work with part number 0470531000. Using that link to the product page, scroll down to the ‘Mating Products’ section where four products are listed (use the small left/right symbols). You can open those part number links into a new tab to view more information.

Using part number 0022012047 as an example from that list, notice that this is only the housing. Scroll down to the ‘Associated Product’ section to find the contacts used with this housing. Any of those would probably match the pins on 0470531000.

However, those are all crimp pins. Using contact part number 0008650804 from the list, scroll down to the ‘Tooling’ section to find the recommended crimp, insertion, and extraction tools for that contact. As you can see, using the recommended parts in all cases would be an expensive venture.

Given that 0470531000 is a common header, you might be able to find a fully assembled mating connector to use as a substitute for the unassembled housings. Part number A34193-ND is a quick example, but the termination style is IDC (often requires a specific punch down tool), and the suggested contact mating length was slightly below 6mm compared to the 7.49mm on 0470531000.

This should demonstrate the idea, though, that you can use other options. If you can replace both connectors with a matching, fully-assembled pair, that works very well for repairs, too, if you can find a simple termination style.

Hi Bill,

The part I am looking for have a mating polarized groove to match up with the part number 0470531000. I have a PC fan that has this connector on it, it is black and has the markings “2510”. Any other thoughts on this?



The drawing for 0470531000 also states “Mates with 47054 series”, so that would be in addition to the parts that Molex lists on their site (copied onto our product page). We have part number 0470541000 from the KK254, 47054 series which has some features that may be the same as you’re describing. It’s very similar to the other recommended parts in all other regards, and the same process of choosing contacts, etc., would apply.