Compatible Molex header and cable assembly

I have a design that needs a 3-pin header and cable assembly to connect low-voltage/low-current power from one board to another. The sheer number of possibilities is overwhelming so I’m asking for some advice.

I want to use the same 3-pin header on both boards and a pre-assembled cable assembly to connect them. As to the cable, the following product would seem to meet my requirements:

Molex 2177961031 (Digi-Key PN 900-2177961031-ND)

But it’s not clear which Molex 3-pin header is compatible with this cable assembly. I found two that look like they might fit the cable sockets but hopefully someone can tell which does (or doesn’t), and which is intended by Molex to be used with the cable assembly that I’ve found.

Molex 0022232031 (Digi-Key WM4201-ND)
Molex 0022272031 (Digi-Key PN WM4112-ND)

Of the two headers, I would prefer to use the first one (Digi-Key PN WM4201-ND) if possible because I already have a PCB footprint for that particular part.

Thanks for any advice that anyone can offer.


Thank you for your inquiry.

If you take a look at the data sheet, page number 3. The mating connectors are listed there.
2177961031 (

Once you click on a part number it will bring up the series. Here is an example. Click on Part number 42375, it will open another link to the mates in this series.
Category page | Molex

Thank you for the reply. This is very helpful.

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