Ebmpapst OEM fan substitute

I’m searching a substitute for this OEM ebmpapst fan.

Hello adarsigny,

Unfortunately, I am unable to directly cross the A2E250-AQ32-07 part number using the original equipment manufacturer, DigiKey, or DigiKey competitors. Perhaps this is a custom part manufactured specifically for your equipment to meet some price, noise, or other performance specification.


  1. Consider these closely related DigiKey parts.

  2. Review the ebmpapst catalog to determine if there is a substitution.

  3. Provide additional information such as the diameter of the fan and pictures of the fan enclosure including mounting points.

  4. Others may be able to add additional information.

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The dimensions are on the picture (+/- 250mm x 80mm) and the mounting point is on the back with screw.


Hello adarsigny,

This datasheet may help as it includes mechanical drawings for a potential replacement fan.

On a related note, did you test the motor’s 14 uF capacitor? A failed capacitor could prevent the fan motor from starting. Also failed capacitors have been known to burn out AC motors.





it’s a 12 uF capicitor and yes i tested it


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