EBM 115V Fan Replacement

I am looking for a replacement for a R2E250-RA48-32 fan which runs on 115V AC.
My search on Digikey only found R2E250-RA50 units which run on 230V AC.
Does someone know a suitable repalcement?

Hello David,

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I found some differences between the R2E250RA and R2E250RB. Based on their respective data sheets the RA has only 230V options not 115V. The RB has the 115V option and they look to be both at 250mm diameter, though the attributes on our website for the RB show 255mm while the description shows 250mm but the 250mm diameter is right for the RB version as well according to the data sheet.

115VAC 250mm Round R2E250-RB02-11

230VAC 250mm Round R2E250-RA50-01

Hope that helps.

Hi Irfan

Thanks for that information. The 115VAC 250mm Round R2E250-RB02-11 looks promising, but has a couple of slight differences in its spec to the one I am trying to replace.

The datasheet link on the Digikey product page brought up the EMC catalogue for Compact Fans. It does not cover the R2E250-RB02-11. Do you have access to the correct detailed data sheet?


Hi again David,

So there are several different documentations of these fans on our website. For the specific info on R2E250-RB02-11 take a look at the link below.

R2E250 RB Series Datasheet | DigiKey

Hope that helps.

Hi Irfan

The data sheet for the R2E250-RB02-11 fan Identifies a 20uF capacitor.

Is the capacitor included with the fan or does it need to be ordered separately? If the latter please advise the part number for the capacitor.

This document will likely be helpful, particularly the connection diagram on page 8.

External capacitors suitable for the purpose will typically be a metallized polypropylene film type, and usually described in some way as a “motor run” capacitor. These are the options currently on the shelf.