Capacitor for EBM-Papst Fan D2E097-CB11-32


Recently I has a customer with Centrifugal Blower Fan D2E097-CB11-32 from EBM-Papst (Digi-Key P/N 381-2507-ND) that is not operating properly when they get the new fan. When talking with him about the set-up and operation we realized that he did not have the required 5uF run capacitor installed this was causing his fan to run sluggishly and move the desired air.

Here is Connection Diagram from the operating instructions.

The manufacturer recommended capacitor is 02162-4-7320 (Digi-Key P/N 381-2624-ND)

All of the fans in the D2E097 will require a motor run capacitor. The suggested capacitance varies per motor.

D2E097 Part Numbers

D2E097-BI56-02 (DK P/N 381-2636-ND) 2uF 400V
D2E097-BI56-A4 (DK P/N 381-2635-ND) 2uF 400V
D2E097-CB11-32 (DK P/N 381-2507-ND ) 5uF 400V
D2E048-CB01-48 (DK P/N 381-2633-ND) 1.5uF 400V
D2E097-CB01-02 (DK P/N D2E097-CB01-02-ND ) 1.5uF 400V
D2E097-CB01-12 (DK P/N D2E097-CB01-12-ND ) 1.5uF 400V
D2E097-BE11-77 (DK P/N D2E097-BE11-77-ND ) 6uF 220V
D2E097-BI56-83 (DK P/N D2E097-BI56-83-ND) 2uF 400V
D2E097-BE01-65 (DK P/N D2E097-BE01-65-ND ) 2uF 400V
D2E097-CB11-26 (DK P/N D2E097-CB11-26-ND ) 5uF 400V