Equivalent for EBM Papst D2E133-AM47-C3 fan

Hello. I need several D2E133-AM47-C3 fans for our Capstone C-65 microturbines, but they are very hard to obtain. Will the D2E133-AM47-A3 or D2E133-AM47-23 work? Is there any other part that will have the same specs and physical dimensions? Thanks, Zahir Antia

Hello zahir.antia - I wasn’t able to find any data on D2E133-AM47-C3, so I wasn’t able to determine if these two parts would be suitable replacements or not. I wanted to let you know that I have e-mailed my Product Specialist to see if he can identify and explain the C3 suffix so as soon as I have that answer for you, I’ll let you know.

That is great, Jenny, thank you very much for the quick response.

Zahir Antia

Hello zahir.antia - my Product Specialist has contacted the manufacturer to try to get the datasheet for your fan, so that we can verify the substitutes we have would be good substitutes. I’ll get back to you with that information.

Thanks again, Jenny, much appreciated.

Zahir Antia

Hello again zahir.antia:
It looks like of these both of these two possible substitutes D2E133-AM47-A3 and D2E133-AM47-23 would be suitable for a substitute. Please take a look at the attached datasheet and operating instructions for your original part number, D2E133-AM47-C3. You will want to compare the datasheets of the possible substitutes to the data for your original part to see if you feel either is suitable for your application.
Data_sheet_US_-D2E133AM47C3_KM99370.pdf|attachment (439.9 KB)
Operating_instructions_US_-D2E133AM47C3_KM202174.pdf|attachment (546.0 KB)

Hi Jenny,

Thanks again for your help. If I order 10 of these (D2E133-AM47-A3) and it turns out that they don’t work for any reason, can I return them?

I wasn’t able to open the link for D2E133-AM47-23.


Yes, you can return them here if it doesn’t work out. Here’s that link again for DigiKey part number

Thanks, Jenny :+1: