P121366-ND End of Life, replacement part?

P121366-ND (MFG EYG-T3535A15A) is reaching end of life. Is there a good replacement I can use?

Not seeing a suitable alternative.

Best I can advise is we have the alternate thicknesses of the same stuff in 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm currently available if that will work in a pinch. < Click Here for Options >

Thank you! I appreciate the help. I’ll start there.

Looks like those are last time buys too.

I would have to agree with Kristof. At this time we do not have much to offer. I hoped we would get some product in to replace this , but so far not much yet. So keep checking. Right now this is the best we have to offer.

According to the EOL notification from Panasonic, they suggest the Graphite-TIM series as a replacement. If you cannot find one of those that will work, then it also says to contact Panasonic directly for an alternative solution.

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Thank you all again. I’ll try starting with that and see if it works for our design.

Websites like Digi-Key, Mouser, and Octopart provide comprehensive databases of electronic components. You can search for the part number of the component you need to replace and find alternatives based on various parameters.