30 pin LCD connector search


I’m looking for below connector but am having no luck naming it. I found it on a chinese website with a generic name “30 pin lcd connector” but i’m not keen on waiting 3 months for delivery.

Can someone please give me the proper name so i can search for it on digikey.

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What is the part number you found on the Chinese web site?

There wasn’t a part number on the site. It was ali express and the listing only gives the 30 pin lcd connector description.

But speaking of part number it just occurred me i can try look up the board schematic maybe they will name it there. It’s for a Asus laptop.

Board Model
P/N 60NX00R0-MB1010

Unfortunately I was not able to come up with a good part number for this one.

Ok thanks for trying. I couldn’t find anything either so I guess i will order on ali.

Hi ODTech,

That’s Honda’s LVD-series connector.

heke, AsamaLab

Hi there.

Thanks very much for this, it’ll make it easier finding one localy…
I’m not holding my breath though, I live in south africa so odds are it will have to be ordered from elsewhere.

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Yes, it is probably better to check the local suppliers first. You could also consider purchasing a broken ASUS motherboard having the same connector and salvage it with a heat gun. Local sites like https://www.gumtree.co.za/ may have some for sale.

Cheers, heke