Help identifying this connector


Any mounting style would be fine. I’m not 100% on the pitch, I think this end is 1mm but I the other end of the FFC is .5mm soooo… yeah. Thoughts?


I am sorry I am unable to identify that connector.


Is there any additional information or photos that may help?


Are there any markings on the connector? On the back side is it through hole or surface mount? Do you have the mating connector? Are there any markings on it?


This connector is marked F9284A and the mating is marked F0540A. They appear to be 30 pin through hole connectors soldered to a FFC pinned between 2 fiberglass boards. I did some google searches which turned up nothing. I’m a little stumped.


I am not having any luck identifying the exact connector. It is a Mezzanine connector of sorts similar to TX25-30P-8ST-H1E. This would mate to something like TX24-30R-LT-H1E

image image


Thank you for trying. I’ll order a few samples and see if anything fits together. =]


Actually, you were VERY helpful. While looking into your suggestions I found this that I think may be an exact match.

I can’t see an image on the connector side but the rest of the data matched including the mating height.

If you’re curious about the result I’ll let you know. =]


Thats great! Let us know what happens. I will also pass on the comment that we could use a mating side picture as well.