Can you Identify this header/ connector?

Hello, I have a pc board from my furnace and some wiring harness burned up including the connector that plugs into this. I am trying to identify the opposite connector Female? from caliper measurements it looks like the pin spacing is 2.54 mm with 6 pins. down inside near the pins on one side its marked “H JST” and at the opposite end inside it has the letters “OCM” or maybe “DCM” they are really small and my eyes are not what they used to be. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I have been looking at pictures of connectors for hours. It is on a Trane control board if that helps. I have attached some pictures. Ideally I would like to find the mate connector with some leads already attached but I’ll take whatever I can get. Thanks for your help

You can check out our part number A107507-ND

Andy thank you so much for you time and help. Any chance you have a part number for the mating connector for this? Some of your pages have a link for associated accessories but I don’t see that but I will keep looking


Take a look at 1744417-6. This is however only the connector and will need contacts that will differ depending on wire size. They are listed at the bottom of the page under associated products.